Solidiance’s Growth

Solidiance started early on with offices in Singapore and Shanghai and continued his rapid expansion in Asia from “Dubai to Shanghai” with new Solidiance offices added nearly every year: Bangkok, New Delhi, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Yangon, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Abu Dhabi and Beirut. Our clients rely on our unmatched on-the-ground marketplace knowledge to support their Asia growth strategies. Our own Asia growth is a testimony of the trust clients give us.

  • 2006


    In 2006, Solidiance office in Singapore started out in-sync with our China office. At the time, staff visiting the Singapore office used to find themselves sitting at our Innovation Corner, with a raised red-hot table that was more a bar table setting than a conventional work place. We kept that table and we do our internal meetings standing up to ensure no time is wasted... January 2012 saw us move to new premises 10 floors below in the same building, yet again with a million dollar view of the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore CBD area. We now have a dozen staff working in Singapore and the office mostly serves Asean project needs.

  • 2006


    Solidiance office in China is based in Shanghai and opened in 2006. It was actually one of Solidiance’s first two offices. The China practice served as a platform from which much of the Asia Pacific Industrial practice line with a distinct focus on the Construction / Green Buildings Sector was launched. Today, Solidiance China has served many of the world's top names in industrial, medical technology and construction industries. Solidiance China has repeatedly helped large multinationals to conduct M&A activities in Greater China and to conduct China-wide competitive benchmarking to better understand domestic threats.

  • 2007


    Solidiance office in Thailand is based in Bangkok and officially opened in 2009, at the peak of the global financial meltdown. We set up our office in the trendy Asoke Interchange 21 Tower and until today, we are still operating there, yet with larger office space! Despite the financial crisis at the time, we rapidly secured business and started to grow our Thailand practice. From one person, we are now a small dozen. Solidiance Thailand is still growing and hiring smart and experienced Thai management consultants.

  • 2008


    Solidiance office in India is based in New Delhi. Nearly 15 years ago, Heiko Bugs, Founding Partner of Solidiance, had the pleasure of working with some of the largest Indian groups (Tata, Reliance industries, Godrej, etc.) and support some of their expansion plans and initiatives in Asia. In parallel he became a brand ambassador for the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and went on several tours through India, giving speeches and informing about growth options in Asia, especially China. It didn't take long until he was hooked - fascinated by its people, the huge growth opportunities and intrigued by India's tremendous challenges. So after nine years in China, it was a natural choice for him to move to India and establish Solidiance office in New Delhi. Since then we have been growing very quickly.

  • 2009


    Solidiance office in Indonesia is based in Jakarta and opened in August 2009 with a total of 3 employees. In November 2010, we moved to our current office with an addition of 3 people, rounding up our team to 6 people. Since then, we have continuously worked to expand our local network and today, we currently have 15 strong management consultants as part of our team. Solidiance Indonesia is growing fast and is looking for additional outstanding talent.

  • 2010


    Solidiance office in Vietnam is based in Ho Chi Minh City and officially opened in 2011, in a corner office overlooking the historic Dong Khoi Street. However, Solidiance has been leading projects in Vietnam since the firm's early beginning. Solidiance's DNA in the country runs deep with Managing Partner, Damien Duhamel's, experience in Vietnam dating back more than two decades to his student days at the Hanoi University in 1990. Damien also founded a boutique Vietnam Market Intelligence firm in Ho Chi Minh City in 1995 and helped MNCs to enter the Vietnamese market. Solidiance Vietnam is now a growing office with a mix of local staff and international staff with extensive Vietnam experience.

  • 2011


    Solidiance Myanmar office was soft-launched in 2011 as more and more global companies requested our help in this emerging nation full of challenges and opportunities. Our early work in Myanmar has been focusing on providing clients with clear Myanmar market opportunity analysis, Myanmar entry strategies and Myanmar partner assessments. Our Myanmar office works closely with our Singapore and Thailand offices.

  • 2012


    Solidiance office in Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur, more specifically in its leading business district, the Golden Triangle. The office opened in 2012, but the fact is Solidiance has been successfully serving Malaysia-based clients since 2007. Solidiance Malaysia has been performing several regional engagements with global Fortune 500s and large Malaysian conglomerates looking for regional growth opportunities.

  • 2013


    Solidiance Philippines opened in 2013 following headline GDP growth and credit rating upgrades for the Philippines economy. With a dynamic and soaring economy revolving around construction, technology, and services (to name a few), Solidiance opened doors in Manila to tap into Philippines’ “next-growth period” and immediately gained traction with long-established clients and new clients. Since the office’s inception, the team has grown and is currently composed of a diverse and strong team well positioned to advise clients across a variety of industries from market growth to strategy projects.

  • 2014


    Solidiance opened its Abu Dhabi office in 2014, marking the firm’s first foray into the Middle East. The Abu Dhabi practice is a keystone in the Solidiance network, acting as the gateway to the 21st Century Silk Road, connecting Solidiance’s Asia Pacific network and market expertise directly to the growth markets of the Arab world. Today, Solidiance Abu Dhabi works with some of the most influential corporations and family-owned businesses in the region, guiding them to strategically viable markets in Asia. Our Abu Dhabi office is also seeing an increase in projects brought forward by our Fortune 500 clients, keen to explore the Middle Eastern playground and seek potential partners, suppliers, and distributors.

  • 2016


    Solidiance Lebanon is located in central Beirut, and was officially launched early 2016. It is Solidiance’s second office in the Middle East. Our Beirut office works closely with our Abu Dhabi office for engagement specific to the Middle East. Since the office’s inception, the team has grown fast and is currently composed of bright and dedicated Lebanese consultants with global exposure.

  • 2017

    More to come...

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