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Asia Market entry strategy

Weigh options and reduce financial uncertainty by mapping competitors, customers, partners, channels, suppliers and other market dynamics. Produce step by step implementation roadmap matching capabilities and benefits with market needs.

Key questions

Should your market entry attempt to rapidly seize significant market position or seek stealthy penetration ? What are the requirements to be successful in the new market – and what strategies will help us create strategic differentiation and competitive advantage?

Asia Product launch strategy

Ensure new product offers to customers greater value than alternative offerings. Size and test markets. Qualify vendors and establish channels. Get buy-in from sales force & prepare launch campaign.

Key questions

How can we improve our process flow and launch products faster? Have our new products or services failed to generate the level of sales that we expected? How do we ensure our organization is best set up to innovate and launch break-through products?

Asia Channels enhancement strategy

Map out the whole supply chain, benchmark with competitors and identify the key drivers of distribution profitability. Decrease logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Ensure that traditional distributors provide sufficient push for your products.

Key questions

How do we expand distribution while minimize channel conflict? Are my channels starting to support competing lines? How do we streamline our channels to gain in efficiency?

Asia Competitive benchmarking

Learn from others’ best practices to avoid costly omissions and reinventions. Improve and innovate on others’ successes to gain strategic advantage. Compare yourself with the best direct industry competitors in terms of capabilities, structures, customer benefits, and processes.

Key questions

How can we anticipate our competitors’ moves? How do we convert competitive disadvantages into advantages? How can we win more profitable sales than our competitors?

Asia Scenario planning

Predicting the long-term ramifications of a current or possible business strategy. Scenario planning reviews a myriad of factors, both qualitative and quantitative, from the economic to the social, the commercial, the legal and political. Avoid bad investments by recognizing warning signals early and evaluating unfolding developments.

Key questions

How will a new regulation impact our sales? Will the adoption of new technologies disrupt our market share? What might be the customer cannibalization impact of our new strategy?

Asia commercial due diligence

Scout and produce full list of acquisition / partner targets.  Screen targets based on criteria set by the corporate strategy team. Identify, qualify, screen and recommend best targets. Ask the hard questions to ensure this new partnership will clearly deliver shareholder value and derive plan to approach targets.

Key questions

Should we acquire or partner with the target? How do find and  appoint a new distributor in Asia ? How do we quickly unlock partnership value?

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