Maximize Innovation Impact

Asia Innovation capability diagnostic

Benchmark structure, processes, R&D, people, technology, and culture against best in class, irrespective of your industry. Assess weaknesses and opportunities and suggest an innovation roadmap to maximize innovation capability and investments returns.

Key questions

What are our internal barriers to innovation? What are the most relevant internal and external best-practices we could benefit from? What organizational changes should we implement?

Asia Innovation capacity building

Remove silos and develop a company-wide innovation culture and structure. Improve success and hasten new product launches and start-up ventures. Implement KPIs to anticipate and respond to changes in the environment before the competition. Develop foresights not insights.

Key questions

How do we build an innovation-focused organization? How can we align our innovation, growth and shareholders equity goals? How can we institutionalize processes to continually innovate new products and services?

Asia New Product development

Accelerate product & services development process. Find white spaces, identify Greenfield segments, cross new product boundaries. Stimulate the generation of new business models to accelerate ideas and new product generations and launch.

Key questions

What metrics should we have to encourage faster inside-in innovation? How can we develop products and reduce market reach lead time to earn higher margins? How do we objectively pick the best potential ideas?

Asia Industry paradigm change

Disrupt existing business models and challenge the accepted industry paradigm. Anticipate upcoming industry shifts and create disruption within the industry to capture and retain leadership.

Key questions

Which upcoming technology should we adopt now? How do we weight bold decisions and forecast their impact? Where will our industry likely be ten years from now?

Fighting commoditization

Review your overall market positioning, value proposition and product innovation to compete with lower cost competitors. Evaluate possible portfolio options, instill innovation at the core of your strategy, improve your go-to-market speed and effectiveness.

Key questions

How do we compete with lower-priced manufacturers? How fast will my low-end competitors invest in R&D and match our innovation? How can we survive and grow in market where price seems to be the only decision making criteria?

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