Optimize Marketplace Insights

Asia Market opportunity sizing

Translate market research into realistic market opportunity projections. By measuring and interpreting marketplace insights findings, we pinpoint the scope of market activity that can be “owned” by our clients.

Key questions

How do we prioritize market opportunities in Asia Pacific? How do we anticipate demand shifts ? How do we match market size with marketing investments?

Asia B2B Customer segmentation

Optimize marketing ROI by identifying profitable customers who share similar demand characteristics. Prioritize customer groups and outperform competition by understanding customers’ unmet needs.

Key questions

How do we accelerate the rate of return on new product and service launches? How do we get in front of the “right” customers-with the greatest potential? How are customers affected by the current times and what are they currently most receptive to?

Asia Key Account optimization

Determine most profitable key accounts in the market and define strategy to prioritize efforts, acquire, retain and manage, and cross sell these accounts.

Key questions

Who are the decision makers and what are the decision making processes ? What are the key accounts’ technical, emotional, political and commercial switching factors? How do we develop value-base customer strategies?

Asia B2B Customer loyalty strategy

Review customer win-loss ratio and implement the required changes to retain valuable customers. Minimize the risk of churn and boost products/services affinity. Create switching costs to ensure your customers stick to your company.

Key questions

Are our most loyal customers our most profitable? How do we develop a successful retention plan? Are our largest customers at risk of being poached by the competition?

Asia Pricing strategy

Identify the ideal price point level to maximize product/service penetration and gain the maximum available revenue. Find the balance between the financial goals of your firm and the marketplace realities.

Key questions

What innovative pricing schemes can we introduce to counter life-cycle effects? How do we implement a uniform pricing scheme across the region? How price-sensitive our key customers really are?

Asia Market Intelligence

Review in-house data and analytics combined with Asia marketplace insights to spot new consumers and competitors trends. Anticipate swift demand shifts and profile emerging competitive threats before the product life cycle catches up with you.

Key questions

Do you really know what your existing clients are about to do? When is the last time you identified key market changing trends before everybody anybody else? Do you really know why you are gaining or losing market share in Asia?

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Senior Vice-President Asia Pacific

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