Market entry and growth strategy of heavy equipment wet leasing services in Indonesia


A Japanese and an Indonesian conglomerate looking to find synergy in tapping into a new business venture in wet leasing services in Indonesia.


Client was seeking to find a potential business partner in Indonesia to leverage their current industry competence in Heavy Equipment Wet Leasing Services through recently acquiring a firm they have in Singapore. The client wanted to find synergy with an identified partner in Indonesia that had a strong presence as an Indonesian conglomerate managing a multi-diversified business.


Solidiance performed an in-depth business integration proposal to both Japanese and Indonesian conglomerate, as well as to recommend a selection entry strategy that could be feasibly implemented in the market.


Solidiance placed a team of 1 Manager, 1 Senior Consultant and 2 Analysts for the project. The team assisted the company in identifying and conducting in-depth analysis on the market and competition landscape of wet leasing services in Indonesia by defining the business model and future business trend/transformation that would likely happen in the market.

Engagement ROI

Client agreed to enter into the specified business venture through potentially acquiring a current competitor.

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I would like to extend my appreciation to Solidiance and team for the marvelous work performed during the course of the project. We wish to work with you again very soon.

Senior Vice-President Asia Pacific

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